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 Real Time Clock and Temperature Sensor

 It is a microcontroller based project which displays the TIME and DATE along with the ROOM TEMPERATURE. One can easily set the time and date using special function keys. The microcontroller is interfaced with RTC and 16x2 LCD module to display the time and it is interfaced with temperature sensor and 16x2 LCD module to display the temperature.

A microcontroller is a true computer on a chip. The design incorporates all the features of a microprocessor CPU: ALU,PC, SP, and registers. Apart from that, it has added features like: ROM, RAM, parallel I/O, serial I/O, counters, and a clock circuit.

Like the microprocessor, a microcontroller is a general purpose device, but one that is meant to read data, perform limited calculations on that data, and control its environment based on those calculations. The prime use of a microcontroller is to control the operation of a machine using a fixed program that is stored in ROM and that does not change over the lifetime of the system.
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