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Eliza is an AI Program that simulates the behavior of a therapist. The first program of this sort was developed in 1967 in MIT. Such programs, which interact with user in simple English language and can simulate a conversation, are known as Chatterbot.

A program like Eliza requires knowledge of three domains:

1 Artificial Intelligence
2. Expert System
3. Natural Language Processing

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to make computer do things which , at the moment, people do better.

AI Techniques:

AI technique is a method that exploits knowledge that should be represented in such a way that:

1. The knowledge captures generalizations.
2. It can be understood by people who must provide it.
3. It can be easily modified to correct errors and reflect changes
4. It can be used in many situations

2. Expert System:

Expert system solves problems that are normally solved by human “experts”. To solve expert level problems, experts system needs access to a substantial domain knowledge base, which must be built as efficiently as possible.

3. Natural Language Processing:

Natural language programming includes both understanding and generation as well as other tasks such as multilingual translation.Even though last two are sub-parts of the first one, they are emerging as science in themselves.

Eliza can not, of course, think on its own. It has a repository or database of facts and rules, which are searched to give the best possible response. Eliza works by matching process. Very rarely an entire sentence is matched to give the response. The rules are indexed by keywords. Some rules require no keyword.
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